• myrrhc 29w

    i'm not sure what the names of the other two raptors were, but it's interesting how the director thought of canceling out the beta first, otherwise known as blue, just before the actual fight began. jurassic world's climax didn't feel as though the typical type of plot summit where everything is haywire and the protagonist is empty-handed. it was written rather with an apex conceivable enough to realize that even dinosaurs come back to where they know they belong. which, when uttered that way, is kind of a common thing to actually say. it's otherwise called as the anatomical snuff box, in human anatomy.

    if you bend your wrist to your hand's pinky side, they term that as ulnar deviation. your thumb, moved to the back of your hand's side, is known as thumb extension. thumb abduction would be moving your thumb away from the rest of your hand's fingers. if you do these three motions at once while applying resistance, there will be visible muscle protrusions. the hole right there is what they term as the anatomical snuff box, bordered by these three muscles namely, extensor pollicis longus, extensor pollicis brevis, and abductor pollicis longus. otherwise easily remembered as the hand's three raptors.

    it honestly doesn't really stand out that much. perhaps in a way that tells you that the universe isn't in cue with a series of threads to pull a pattern of a triangle or a planet. or a rabbit maybe, because there aren't enough holes to magnify their existence so it's easier to make them shadows for things that are void of wonder. maybe my fingers can't be intertwined to become the reason of somebody else's happiness. sometimes i think of flashlights and camping, constellations and finding patterns on skies and the ocean and its seashells, but do they really mean something to others. what it may have been something magical to my eyesight is only deflected by everything i had always been wrong to say. i tell the world, you are incredible. you are filled with things i know am unworthy of. you are infinite and remarkable. but why do you feel so fragile? when i have had all the strength to keep myself together, always thinking that maybe i am only insane, unnormal, crazy. but what does it actually feel like to not be the odd one out?

    there is an emotion i always fail to explain, and perhaps it's just how the world can't grasp everyone who's on it. strands of hair pulled after a single brush, like letters stitched to become your name only for them to turn into words unknown most to yourself. i guess i'm one of the many that misunderstand myself too, and it's becoming too often these days. i stay, and i stay, and i stay, and i choose to stay but will the world do so too when space decides to slip me away?

    when i try to write the passed few days, it was all sadness that came in. i don't know why, but it felt like a trap and it wouldn't disappear unless i spill it. i can't continue stories like this, because i love happily ever afters yet i can't even give one to myself. do i have the right to decide too? i'm not sure if i have a place here, or if am even necessary. the non-lingual times of feeling like days are stuck in an unending climax. but i felt happy today, and i'm just afraid the world's going to take it away again.

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