• odysseus 148w


    Let me greet
    my old friends with a
    smiling face.
    After all,
    it's been years since we last met.
    We'll celebrate now.

    I will hold
    back my tears, and laugh
    very hard.
    I know it's
    tough, and tears will flow freely
    sooner or later.

    Let them not
    learn of my failures.
    All of them
    are here to
    have a gala time and I
    cannot spoil the fun.

    Let me dress
    for the occasion.
    Of course, I
    know they won't
    judge me by my appearance
    or my bank balance.

    The moments
    I spent with them once
    cannot be
    I'll refresh those memories
    and laugh heartily.

    Let's get drunk.
    Let's crack some stupid
    jokes and hurl
    the choicest
    abuses at each other,
    and let's sing loudly.

    Let's travel
    back in time and be
    those raw,
    and mischievous kids we were
    once upon a time.

    All good things
    must come to an end.
    The party
    will end and
    I'll head back to the squalor
    of my apartment.

    But for now,
    I want to have fun.
    I want to
    forget my
    failures, my endless struggle
    and my penury.