• truenorth 38w


    Tell me
    Have you ever looked in the mirror
    and see frustration right before your eyes?
    as pain eats you up, as regrets fill your mind .

    Have you ever listened to people 
    and thought that maybe they were right?
    that you are a failure, and your decisions are wrong.

    Have you ever thought of dying
    Like it's the only way of ending this misery
    as much as you wanted to start all over again.

    Now tell me,
    Have your ever looked in your eyes
    and see the battles you've been, and there you are
    a warrior with the spirit of unending courage.

    Have you ever listened to your heart
    and thought that you have no obligation to live their words
    because the world is blind, and you are not

    Have you ever thought of living 
    and challenge life with a courageous heart
    and prove them that you can always start again.

    Tell me
    And I will tell you
    How brave we've been,

    My self.