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    My favorite word is intoxicated. Especially in this poem, my wife intoxicates me everyday and has for the last 18.5 years. She means the world to me. Other things in this world I love or intoxicate me, like spending time with my son��, my puppers��, designs of automobiles��, nature��, writing✍, etc. This was a nice challenge.
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    Intoxicated Me

    Darks shadow convinced my screaming
    Skull voices that I was losing, I'd lost
    Alone had become marvelously delicious
    Then, first time laying eyes on beautiful
    She, her brown eyes spoke to my soul with
    Unspoken words so soothing, so calming
    The monsters inside me became placid,
    Sadness and depress were brushed away
    Beautiful opened her alluring heart to me
    And her fragrance intoxicated me, and from
    The book of a million words, I poured my
    Heart out to her in beautiful phrases
    I was selcouth around her and she allowed
    Her sweet syrup to be tasted by me, and I
    Became addicted to her flavor, her aroma
    Our lives came together, our hands became
    Entagled in rings of gold, and our naked
    Bodies became one on the king size of
    White satin sheets, with that, our forever
    Started, she was my raison d'etre