• watzupdoc 46w

    So many

    So many people my mind
    wants to say so many things to...
    So many hurtful things,
    my soul wants to respond to...
    So many times, I want
    Blood for blood.
    So many times, I've been
    called weak for by duds.

    So many times I've made
    selfish mistakes,
    So many times I've indulged
    in give and take.
    So many wished my
    heart holds in its shine
    So many questions for
    the world for what it is...

    In all these many, my life
    seemed so meagre.
    Begging like the many,
    for the same small winnings...
    So many times I've
    wished for more.
    So many repeats now,
    I don't want it anymore