• mirnmoy 60w

    Try to understand

    He : Hello ,yes,i am calling only you.
    She: why so?
    He: I want to tell you something.
    She: Very interesting,what?
    He:( Aside), how can i tell you it,but i am following you only for this.
    She:Hello ,wake up,i am very busy.
    He: Will you give me your mobile number ?
    She : No
    He:I promise you i won't disturb you,i just tell few words to you.
    She; Ok,take 9163886924.
    ( After two days)
    He : Hello,is it 9163.......
    She :Yes,tell me what you want to tell.
    He : Your dress sense is nice.
    She: Hmm
    He: Your hair is so beautiful.
    She: Anything more?
    He: I.....i love you.( There is a pin drop silence on the other side.)
    He:Why are you so silent,tell something.
    She:I have nothing to tell. I am a married woman. Bye .( She cut the call.)
    He: Whatever, i will still love you but won't call you again.