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    "Happy 80th Birthday in Heaven, Mom"
    A poem for my sweet angel...Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mom! Keep lighting up the Heavens with your smile! I know that all the other angels are a little more joyous when they hear the sound of your laughter! That laugh made me so happy! Mom, I love you so much and miss you immensely!
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    "Happy 80th Birthday in Heaven, Mom"

    Happy Heavenly Birthday
    to my beautiful, beloved mother up above.
    On your very special day,
    I'm sending you wishes with tons of love.
    You would've been the big 8-0 today.
    There are still so many things I long to say.
    I miss you so much, in every way imaginable.
    Your being gone this long seems unfathomable.
    You are now my wish upon every bright falling star.
    I just pray that my wishes reach you, up where you are.
    Dandelion wishes and dreams that will never come true.
    I know it's impossible to have you back, but I really miss you.
    I'm sorry if this Birthday poem is filled with sadness and gloom.
    Tonight, I'll be sending you my love, when I look at the moon.
    You were so close to being perfect, as far as I could see.
    You are in mostly all of my warmest, happiest memories.
    You were a whimsical song from the tinkling of a piano's loveliest keys.
    You were the sweetest tune to my heart's most beautiful melodies.
    Today, like every other, I remember you as the sweetest of songs.
    Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mom. You'll be in my heart all year long.

    ©loverenay - 4/26/2021