• sehgalvedant 172w

    C A N V A S E S A N D H U E S

    Hard is it to describe what I see
    Languages are all Greek to me
    Artwork mine, seems peculiarly futile
    Just metaphors, etched across the aisle

    The white has grown colourful commotions
    A wait to explore my wretched emotions
    Blurting paint, my brush goes on
    I get a glimpse of the dawning dawn

    When dusk strikes, I dust away
    The killer whale's jumping across the bay
    The sun takes a sip from my wine
    The cold sends a chill down my spine

    Now I see the world inside out
    My ashes fertilize a spiteful sprout
    The rugged surface is chanting glory
    My palette whispers my untold story

    Waves tremble under the wrath of the weather
    When birds of a feather, flock together
    A change, murmur the pebbles underneath
    The adamant neurons are fighting beneath

    Ecstatic strokes give a lethal embrace
    Nominal shades reveal a surreal disgrace
    My spine begs for a meek support
    My anarchic muscles choose not to vote

    My beating heart is lost in a terrible state
    The afflictions have discovered a terrific mate
    Each curve directs me to a shattered home
    Each mark leads to a demolished Rome

    With escaping breaths, I immortalize my art
    I hunt for an end, yet arrive at the start
    Enduring the iniquity, I portray the blues
    The fallen canvases, the native hues

    ©Vedant Sehgal