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    Have you seen people going down on their knees? If you're lucky enough, maybe it was the proposal you've experienced so far. I have seen people going down on their knees too.. To pray.

    Once I asked God, "at which moments have you actually felt these prayers?"
    He smiled and said, "those, in the name of love"
    He let the silence flood my veins with the calmness of those words. And I felt it somewhere, when I pictured myself praying for someone I have loved too.

    The fragrance coming from the smoke brought back my attention in the place I was standing. It's said, the most honest prayers, literally begging for mercy have been made in the sacred walls of hospitals. When someone cried In pain. When someone desperately wanted to save someone but was helpless enough even with the fortune amount of money.

    I was standing there staring at those tired faces. More broken than before. Reviewing the fights they have had with the ones they were praying for. Reminiscing the love which made them stop helplessly in the middle of the bell, in front of a power we all bow to.. Joining hands.

    I wonder, what do they ask now. Why do they suddenly value someone so much to search a spirit for something good. I looked right and left and stared at a statue, joining hands with a tear in my eyes. Everything was blur for a moment and all that I wanted was someone... Someone to hear me too.

    All I did was pray. Sometimes, asking for mercy. Sometimes just dropping my wishes into trash since not everytime we need to ask for something when we visit someone. And sometimes, to beg for. To give up everything for someone to be saved.

    And that's how atheists are born. When they keep their whole world on stake for someone and their prayers hang somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Never ever heard.

    No, I never asked God when he was so overwhelmed by the prayers. But sometimes, I prayed, if only he could listen to the prayers which the world could never put into words.


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