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    I've known love and I've known hatred. What I never knew was peace. Maybe that's why I fell for you. And that might be the reason why I guess love makes most sense to me while you are here. Right in the centre of my heart you're like a stone falling into an ocean and sending ripples all across it. Waves of beauty and bliss crash upon the shore of my endless longing to be with you. It floods my heart and overflows into eyes but I hold it back coz it tastes like you. Every drop of tear has your essense mixed in every molecule that it's made up of. And happiness flows into my bloodstream when a smile spreads across your lips.

    From the insides of my mind a sandstorm rises and whirls a thousand revolutions every second with just your picture at the centre of it. Roses die in hopes to be held by you. Periwinkles perish just thinking how beautiful it'd be to brush against your fingers. I don't know if my soul's a rose or a periwinkle but it longs to be dissolved into you. So much so that when I take in a breath your chest rises and when I exhale it goes down. Is it too much to ask for? I've loved you too much and to the ends of the world I've sent my ambassadors telling everyone how much you mean to me. These words, foolish yet forlorn ambassadors, have always given a medium to sound waves travelling in the depths of my conscience. I still find it hard to explain my words in words but if someone can feel dead words then I guess it turns them into poetry.

    You turn dead words into poetry. You breathe into them the soul of a seafarer searching home in an abyss. A desert hunter drinking eternal bliss from every mirage he sees in distance. I've found heaven in you and that's the end of all hopes I've ever had. For all that it means I'll ask you to hold my hand like a rose you'll kiss and keep safe in your diary. I'll ask you to know that if everything comes crumbling down, I'll build myself an imaginary world and die in there with you. It's beautiful how you're the centre of all eternity I've passed by. I lived a million lives in a moment with you. I've lived more with you in a day than I'll live in all years to come. Since you've given me eternal lives, I must give you something too. I give you my world. All of it. Every bit of it.

    In dusty space between planets which sing songs to one another, I've heard your name a countless times. You live upon clouds and staying up through the night you roam with stars across the dark canvas of peace. You're not just a thought that visits me all day long but also a dream I've caged my heart in for all eternity. You're the most beautiful page of my story. The one I never wanna turn. The one I wish to make into a book. This one page became the whole novel and I lost all reason to go beyond it because nothing beyond it is going to be just as beautiful as it is. I loved this page and I've loved you too. You're everything awesome and lovely as hell. You're all the meaning that exists. You're all the wonder that survives the end of magic. You're the magic that I'll always fall for. Your love is one thing I wish carrying with myself to my grave. Like a magical dust that'll live in my bones as I slowly become a part of earth. And when there would be nothing left of the body that I have, my grave will smell like you. And I'll come back to life. An endless life that's full of you. You'll become my true heaven. In this world and in what exists beyond it, I'll only crave to have you with me.

    To the most beautiful place I've ever visited, I wish I had left a postcard in your heart. In it I'd write a verse or two, just telling how much I love you. But maybe it's better if all love doesn't find expression. Some love should always be felt without expressing. Just like I feel you through this distance and can do so for all eternity. Because it's not around "with me" but in "within" me that I find you. A part of me. A part I'll always cherish. A part I'll always keep safe.

    Upon the walls of my heart I've hung your portraits. Just like that, you made me beautiful too.

    - Zaid Khan


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