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    I have been dreaming of those small things and moments people usually tend to forget about. I see a dewdrop fall off a green leaf, then try to imagine it's journey. How that single drop might have had came into existence? Years and years before it might have had formed. That single drop is more experienced than us! From the heavenly heights to the deepest cores, it might have had been once evaporated and condensed too. Flowing through rivers, rivers to oceans, oceans to again the ethereal blue! Then again some day coming back to it's origin and washing the sorrows of a sinful herb , who had been waiting for a gay downpour.
    Well, there are many other things to ponder. But I like to seek the mysteries of nature and procrastinate the reality. Anyways, talking about procrastinating reality, I enter the splendid world of my utopia, where nothing is happy but your greed to get more never ends. Everything is in our hands, but still out of the reaches of clutches of our fingertips.
    Don't know if I will ever dream something that will be worth dreaming? When that day comes, what shall be my step? "Everything is cosmically connected", people say "and everything happens for a reason." Well god knows! But sometimes those dreams manage to make me question my own existence!

    Thanks for the unique and amazing prompt!
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