• joyjoy 50w

    Idle no More

    The ambulance was his hearse.
    Take a moment
    And think about that.
    The AMBULANCE was his hearse.
    Dead at the scene
    Suppressed by those
    Who are meant to protect
    Weighted down by expectations
    Not based in reality.
    Was it a lack of morality?
    Or just causality
    Of assumptions and presumptions
    From traumas past?

    Trauma of all colours.

    George, forever silenced
    Has erupted a violence
    That has lasted for days.
    George, the lit match
    Cast onto
    The dried up forest
    That is known as
    the United States.
    Has released the passion
    Of the masses
    The anger pent up
    And caged
    by tanking economy
    The threat of disease
    The mass graves
    Of New York
    The finger pointing
    The calls of rebellion
    By their leader
    That has used
    White supremacy
    As a virtue of state.
    Well look now
    Mr President
    Your calls meant
    To silence those
    You wish not to rule
    Is a roar
    That shakes the ground
    Under your feet.

    The ambulance was a hearse.
    But not just for George Floyd
    It carried with it the remains
    Of a nation who would be
    Idle no More.