• alemarte10 56w

    "The Testimony of the Owl"

    After one spoken word of purish evil of the true reality,
    That's when my eager rushly desire started to yowl,
    Would I kill? If the owl cares, he wouldn't let me howl,
    Or would he? He brought a dead crow, has it shown its identity?
    I stand up feeling the pressure of the shackles or of my scowl?
    The flaxen knight only stood still, holding within his own gorgeous power, vitality.

    I point at the owl and confront his defies towards the dread,
    "Why do I deserve this madness? You're letting me drown in this unescaped flood,
    If you won't bring the truth, then I'll distinguishly bury it under the mud,
    I begged for truth and justice, yet I receive lie and revenge instead."
    The owl flies directly to me and hands me the crow bleeding dark blood,
    As the flaxen knight stays still on the floor, and spoke the word again "dead".
    Part 5