• vivenne 24w

    There's a maddening desire
    A crazy fire
    To teleport to my 50's
    Drive through the country
    Raining heavily
    Loud thunders, winter vibes
    For once,
    I wanna forget
    I have family
    Lover or friends
    I wanna be with me
    I wanna be against to me
    I wanna fight me
    I wanna ask me
    The reason I let
    My 18 year old self
    Ravage my esteem
    Every inch of my soul
    I'm all drenched
    There's wind blowing
    But my hair is wet.
    I urge to drink more
    But I'm all alone.
    Hi fiving
    the long lost nostalgia
    I come back
    Staring at my dashboard
    This is one of that
    Bittersweet moment,
    Where very second
    Of my life I was surviving,
    For once,
    5 minute stay and
    30 minute ride
    Taught me to live.
    I start my car
    Put the gear outright
    To never come back again.


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    Throwin it back a lil,
    Vibe till you can.