• elusive_me 6w

    Here's my anecdote.
    I had plans to write a suicide note
    and then jump off a bridge.
    But then I saw her on a boat.
    Her beauty inspired me to not die
    I sighed and looked at the sky.
    It seemed as if the clouds smiled at me.
    I felt relaxed and so free.
    She was ravishing
    And her effect on me was astonishing.
    Her eyes penetrate deep into the soul.
    Her smile carried the power to console.
    Finally I had someone to hold on to.
    In her presence my heartbeats rhyme.
    Just like winds swooning wind chime.
    The vibes in my heart converted into
    rhythmic stories and I was elated.
    Maybe this is how a poetry is created.

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    Tere husn Ko main karun kya bayaan
    Tujhe dekha toh maine nazam likh di.

    Phir kuch aisa macha dil mein toofaan,
    thodi si maine ghazal likh di.

    Each page of my diary
    filled with verses from my heart.
    I rhymed them into poetry
    And they are ballade for my sweetheart.