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    My feet touched his feet before it could touch the ground.��Happy birthday Kaku!���� Your Tuktuk loves and respect you a lot.��
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    My li'l steps followed your shown paths,
    holding your fingers in complete wath.
    You took care of me like
    a father, a true guider.

    Still remember the Durga puja days
    and my nursery holidays,
    spent with my Kaku,
    enjoyed eating cupcakes!
    Few moments seems to be gloomy,
    nevertheless, they all are gleamy...
    Kaku, i often think that may be
    it's my fortune to have you my kaku.
    Feel blessed and blissed, thank you.

    Aware about you struggle days,
    yet you beat every tormenting period
    and have found your own good ways.
    From tutioning to serving
    the country as an Sub inspector officer,
    it's never been easy until you're a believer.

    Tuktuk owes her
    childhood learnings to you Kaku.
    Because you have rendered her many
    cherished and admirable memories.
    Hope to meet my SI Kaku soon,
    until then you stay
    healthy and astounding,
    alike the bright moon. 8)

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