• su_tshant 29w

    My Encounter With An Angel

    One can see no ugly with a glass made up of whiskey. A day is only beautiful as long as the drink is and drink is magic when mixed with some old rotting, stinking grieves.

    Never trust a drunk Gemini, she should have known that. I should have known that. I should have known me, I cast spells unintentionally, specially when drunk.

    She was my friends friend, I had never seen her before. Not as attractive as the girls I've had in my life at past, but still I decided to work my charm on 5'4" clod of whatever that was.

    We were all drinking and my friend introduced her to me and me to her. We smiled and more than names we shared drinks and smokes. After few drinks she began to grow wings and a circle of blinding white light began to rotate behind her head. Her eyes had waves of overwhelming emotion and from her feet began to rise white mist as she elevated from the ground. Little naked motherfuckers appeared around her flapping their little wings and playing harp.
    I looked at one of those motherfucker, i stared at him, dead in the eye, as he pulled out an arrow with a little heart at the head of it and loaded it in the bow, shot straight through hers to my heart.

    I stood up the bed and held the hands of the 5'4" clod of an angel, got down on my knees and kissed them, my friends began to sing hymns and the whole room was flooded with salty aroma of an ocean at the midnight.

    The next morning I went back to my friend's room with a pounding headache. The angel from Last night had been replaced with a tribal delicacy of fermented meat of a rotting baboon. My tongue was still burning from the last night's kiss. There she was upon the bed carefully wrapped inside a blanket, only her head could be seen. She slowly unfurl and bloomed, her shit and fart stink began to envelop the room. Her eyes were still hopeful and my face dropped in disgust. I turned around and walked out straight into the bathroom and took a bottle of HCL, poured it down my throat and gargled out the little left of hangover in me.