• fortae 111w

    # hurt # painfulbreakup #healing #badlove #love

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    I wake up every morning
    With a pain in my chest
    How I wish, I could tie it to a nest
    Let it fly, fly like a bird and lay some eggs
    I smile, I eat, I sleep like I'm fine
    But deep down no one knows I'm not.

    At times I feel you see through me
    Like girl what are you hiding
    I hide under my make up.
    I hide under food.
    I hide in my places
    Places I know you can't even see.
    I wanna blame you and say you used me
    Only if I could push that lie off as the truth.
    I still can't stand seeing you around
    But I'll always smile and say what's up
    Anytime you walk my side
    I walk, I move, I talk like I'm fine.

    Only of it wasn't a show
    My smile, my talk, my fluency.
    When will I get over you
    My heart still bleeds a pool.
    Its like I keep going back and forth
    I walk out, then walk right back in.
    I sing, I act, I laugh like I'm fine.

    Maybe I should find a job on LinkedIn
    Something to keep me busy
    To hold me from leaning in
    Leaning to the tears that still wells up in my eyes whenever I think of you.
    Can someone press delete please?
    Wipe my memory and take you out.
    I can't bear this pain no more
    Because no matter what I do,
    We were never meant to be.
    These tears of blood I shed with my pen
    Not just for the world to see
    But to rid my heart of every memory of you.
    Because I'm done acting like I'm fine.