• poetrylance 38w

    Finally, I bloom,
    finally I flourished the way everyone wanted.
    I reached those endeavour, that you had expected.
    You must be glad by yourself?
    Or from myself?
    That I had fulfilled your desires.
    Finally, I transcends all of them, and attains all your expectations.
    You must be happy now ...right ?
    Do I listen to my inner self ?
    Or do my inner soul content with this conclusion?
    I know somewhere,
    This triumph will not last for decades..
    May be it reflects the sense of external satisfaction.
    But, will not discover the wings of my internal satisfaction.
    I know,
    I will be regretting someday with my own forceful decision.
    I will rue those moment, when I had succeeded their expectations.
    And will soon passed away, in forlorn
    from this divinly fluke sphere,
    Like this yellow charming flower,
    Which looks enchanting from outside
    But later, will dried off as withered leaves.

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