• _kaneki64 34w

    My love for you doesn't comprise of a part of you.
    It encompasses everything,
    From your looks to your personality,
    From your laughs to your anger,
    From the way you love me to the way you get irritated,
    From compliments to the fights,
    From our talks to our silences,
    From being together to the miles between us,
    From today till tomorrow,
    From here till there,
    From now till forever.
    So don't ask me why I love you
    Because it's too simple to lay out in words
    Yet so hard to make you believe.
    I love you because you are you,
    And because you are mine.
    If tomorrow you decide to change,
    I will still love you,
    If tomorrow we are happy, I will love you,
    If tomorrow we break apart, I will cry,
    But I won't stop loving you,
    As long as you are,
    As long as I am,
    I will keep on loving you,
    For no reason at all.