• fajr_fajr 68w

    Maybe temp. Maybe not.

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    // LEFTOVERS //

    There are words i wish i would've said , and people i wish i would've met. On evenings when guilt fills my throat, and i choke on your memories, i wish i could spill all the blood on the book i read last night. There are leftovers of you on my bedsheet, they cut me open like a blade. Come and get them soon.

    // LULLABIES //

    The worst part about you is that you don't mean alot of things you tell me, and i close my eyes and listen to your stories like a kid. Then? Then i walk down the memory lane and cry myself to sleep.


    It's so hard to believe when you tell me you love me, because all i have is silence to offer and insecurities ripping me apart. Why would you fall for silence and name it peace. It's wrecking my nerves.

    // 13 WORLDS APART //

    I catch myself sitting and thinking about you constantly, i no longer can focus on a single act, the sky looks beautiful for 13 minutes, there are 13 reasons why i lay on bathroom floor bleeding, 13 people that are about to die any moment, 13 stars in a parallel line since 13 years, we used to gaze at when we were 13, but i was replaced within 13 days.