• the_twinklinglight 40w

    I want to know
    How you been
    What you been up to
    I know ! I know !
    I said i would put you far away in the back of my mind
    but hey am curious
    and it's my nature to wonder why

    I want to know
    If you've done what you wanted to do
    Cause i remember thoses nights we would talk for hours about the future and what we want for our lifes
    and yes! I know it's been years now but my thoughts always travel back to this place
    Where i am always wondering if you're ok

    I want to know
    If you've found some one
    do you love her
    does she make you
    does she make you laugh
    does she make you smile
    Is she everything you ever wanted
    If so i know you must be glad

    I must say i miss you at times
    Espically when i am feeling sad you're always
    there to make me feel better to make me smile
    oh ! If that was only true
    but i do miss you , texting me calling even if it was just the one time
    i really miss the good memories
    The bad one makes me cringe how you had me wrap around your finger and the things i said i look at it and laugh now
    silly me

    I want to know if you're happy with you're life
    I hope you're making good choices


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    I want to know