• oldschoolkid_rj 18w

    Stars are meant to shine. If someone dims your light in any way find a new universe.

    Thankyou for your approval Mr miraquill and Mr WN!
    More power to you all!!

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    A Cluster of Stars

    Curses spit out in words of rage.
    Casts love into blackened grief.
    Shatters sweet dreams like mirrors.
    Absconds trust away as a thief.

    My soul needs to find solace.
    It smothers in this toxic, rancid air.
    So, nestle me in a cluster of stars.
    Let me grant wishes from there.

    No use for this pretentious earth.
    The tragic dramas that it plays.
    Stages of actors on revolving sets.
    Rehearsing their deceitful ways.

    Create diamonds from my stardust.
    Set them deep into Saturn's rings.
    Fly my soul far out past the moon.
    Untangle the past from these strings.

    I want to watch the knots unravel.
    Stretch taut then shoot like stars.
    Race comets that burst into forever.
    Take me far from where you are.

    Ride out the violent speed of life.
    Shake me free as its red flags unfurl.
    Cut all the ties that bind me here.
    Burn every bridge to this world