• annu_kriti 54w


    I checked and checked
    Rechecked my phone
    With an ever waiting sigh
    For his reply
    I was not into him
    And never could
    But some part of my mind
    Held the truth
    The more I pretended
    More eager I got
    And frustration got more taut
    I was a person
    Who was happy than before
    The fault was of his looks
    Which let me in remorse
    The dazzling sunshine
    Poured upon my sleeping soul
    Which triggered my emotions
    Never like before
    He was clear at his voice
    So was I
    Both apprehensive of being together
    Because of previous lies
    The talks they did
    And their denial they made
    Were all fake
    both feared to called "one"
    But inside could not escape
    The tragic story was that
    Both wanted a reply
    But the question that
    Kept them apart was
    Who will say first
    Him or I?..