• djehanepoetry 16w

    Waltz of the Squirrels

    They run back and forth, climbing up and down
    The secular oaks, chasing each other, munching
    Acorns, and watching passersby; their graceful
    Movements are enchanting as they enjoy the crisp
    And cool weather. You can guess their presence from
    Their swiftness; otherwise, they share the same color
    As the trees: a grayish brown! They are so numerous,
    So nimble, that one imagines that they are flying from
    Branch to branch, their tails helping them to jump faster;
    They are waltzing while birds carry on their concerts among
    The leaves. Joining the spectators, an unexpected visitor
    Saunters by: a large turkey, gloomy, sad, deeply lost in
    His thoughts; he probably senses Thanksgiving approaching!
    He stands there, observing, admiring the lively little creatures
    Performing dexterously the waltz of the squirrels!

    © Djehane Hassouna, 2005

    Rainbow of Emotions, page 67