• thereshamsharma 197w

    I am not sure how many pairs of eyes would wander through this piece, or many will actually go through the length of words penned here, but the fact that such beautiful thoughts pave way into my mind and find their way down to my fingertips is motivation enough to let them fly.

    The likes and reposts are indeed like the twinkling stars in the sky but the fact of moon that some hearts actually wash their love over my words is enough to brighten my sky.

    Grace this post with your love and it will be etched in your hearts forever, such that every beat whispers these syllables and the rhythm sings the melodies of my verse, escalating the lengths of eternity.

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    You arrive here in an egg, your own little world, where you hear the silent whispers of peace and the walls wrap their arms around you like a blanket of safety. But you can't remain there, the silence knows calm, but the melodies of the nightingale, the chirruping of birds, the running of streams, soothes your ear in a way this silence never can. The walls make you feel safe but the arms of nature take you to places and adventures that make you feel brave. And then the will to face the real world takes birth in you, exhibiting vibes of power and freedom, strong enough to break the walls that kept you hidden all this time.

    And with every brick falling down, you develop another feather of freedom, to take you to places you've only dreamt of earlier. The wall comes down to pieces and the sun rises in your eyes letting it's beams fall all over you and the warmth tiptoe in your veins, kindeling the fire in your soul with every touch of the flame. Before you lay your eyes on the ground to appreciate the tiny blossoms that have been beautifying this land since ages, your wings remind you of the vast sky waiting to embrace you in it's arms.

    It doesn't happen in the blink of an eye, you have to savour the time it takes to learn to fly. With every li'l fall, comes a strong will to soar up high. And then comes the moment of your life, when you gently climb the invisible steps to the dream you've been wanting since your eyes shut open. The creatures on the ground send you their appreciation and love, adding to your love for these clouds that are but the parts of your soul, with the winds carrying you to the farthest corners of a boundless sky, the gentle breeze washing over a calmness over your face as you close your eyes to let it seep in every fibre of your being, every fragmented piece of your heart sunkissed by the beams, as you let yourself float in the ocean above.

    And the sun has to set every dusk, spreading it's hues, giving you the heavenly sight of all the beauty it grasped from the world all day, making you believe not in the endings but the beautiful memories of the past. And the sun goes down leaving you in the dark. Your eyes fall on the ground to look for the creatures who were always there admiring your flight, and you suddenly go blind, not because all you see is dark, but your eyes don't fall upon the ones you are looking for. Your focus collides with fear of being alone, and you crash hard on the ground, like you've lost everything you ever had, and you suddenly see the twinkling stars laughing at you.

    The ground which lost it's attention to that boundless sky, now catches you in it's arms, lays down the bed of leaves and wraps around you the blanket of a cool breeze freezing the tears that escape your eyes. And your nose gets filled up with a fragrance that soothes your mind, and takes you to the world of green. The beautiful flowers, with blooming petals that enthrall you to the core. You flew high up in the sky but never did you find these vibrant hues in the rainbow that spread along this ground as long as your eyes stretch. The clouds were mere myths that promised you the shelter but never did they stay. These trees spread their branches upon you, giving you the shade you need, keeping their promise to stay, giving you the trunk of support. And soon you find the little number of creatures who always held your roots tight to the ground.

    And you realise that flying is a dream, but one can't be sleeping forever. For the reality holds something dreams are deprived of. The feel, the touch, the warmth, the fragrance, the sounds, the soul, the you. And the wings that escalated you to lengths can't carry your weight forever, no matter how long you fly, at the end of the day, you shall come back to rest, to the only place where you shall find peace, to ground, to home. And maybe flying wasn't a lesson, falling was one. To make you realise that wings can make your dreams come true, but only your legs can make you walk this journey called life. You can escape the reality by stretching them across the sky, but you got to come back home when you are tired. The birds shall chirrup in the day and the nightingale will sing you in the night, the rabbits shall play with you in the day and the owl shall accompany you in the night, the flowers shall dance with you in the day and the trees shall stand beside you in the night.

    These wings are but a luxury
    But this soul, this home,
    writes you a poetry.