• illicit_skunk 22w

    cuisses d'argent
    [silver thighs]

    to solder silver rings that hold uncut rocks
    as we sit by a gushing river
    trying to scream songs louder than it's roar
    - I've wanted to do that for a while now.
    the grass is soft, so is your smile.
    where do you get your tenderness from?
    a collective chant of hymns rings in the air
    and I grow fonder of the mountains.
    my heart is tired
    but you bring good to this Russian roulette of a life.
    you don't write verses
    but you make them with me -
    so, I'll write for the both of us.
    you let me own you,
    sit you down and consume you
    like the murk consumes a flickering flame.

    there is a lot of damage
    and silver ores
    but I'll be tearing my lungs apart
    and I'll be laughing.
    my obscure vulnerability
    smells like the fresh flesh of aloe vera -
    looks funny when you rub it on your jaws
    and render me transparent.
    I won't perish without you;
    I have been balancing my existence
    on these cuisses fortes for nineteen years
    but you're allowed to squeeze them like plushies
    and have the last laugh
    as long as you can afford to keep the tinted glasses on my nose.