• woodsorrels 8w

    Hold Onto Hope

    Some springs your face
    Is a steamed tangerine
    And lips sweat the meridian sky
    Vapours drip down your digits
    Even you try to hug tight the clouds
    Clipped between your teeth
    You hook an early breath of dawn
    And ripe some rosy coneflowers
    On the wrinkles of your collarbone
    Only to pay the unpaid promises
    Of the papers of past,
    Of the stars behind your palm
    And of the growing voices
    In alcoves of your woollen head
    Midnight stains your skin
    Waist weaved into wisps of dark
    And you can't move but cry
    Yet you there, don't lose hope
    And repair to stay modest
    Stand tender like the night
    Bold and beautiful like
    Snow on a sharp daylight
    Carve wings out of mist
    Feather by feather rise
    Like a bird after storm
    Don't count the blues on your wrists
    Nor reap the browns on your feet
    Instead, you sit still and
    Dream the oranges and yellows
    In the faith of a bigger tomorrow
    For every day is a new sunrise
    And every sunrise, a new beginning
    And a new chance for a new story

    /Life is beautiful, only when you learn to
    eat pomegranates when it's windy outside/