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    You know it happens sometimes. Some people just grow out of love and it's ok. You should let them go. Let them be happy doing their thing and you be happy doing yours. Sometimes to love someone is not to hold them back but to allow them to leave for their happiness and eventually it's good for us too as it creates space for someone worthwhile to come into our lives. Someone who will not stay with us forcefully but with his own choice. Someone who would recognize the gem of a person that you are which no one else did. Someone who will be your forever and after.

    So if someone leaves you instead of thinking why and doubting yourself, get back up, dress up, put on your best foot forward for meeting someone new. And no matter if the next one also turns into a disappointment. All these failures will be your stepping stones and will eventually lead you to eternal love one day. Stay hopeful, stay blessed and stay happy, cos life's too short to be anything else. ����❤

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