• superrita_21 13w

    Today I learnt

    World is beautiful
    World is delicate
    World is precious
    World is unique
    Not everyone is like me
    Not everyone thinks like me
    Not everyone does what I do
    That means, world around me
    Is different than I see
    What some do doesn't feel right to me
    That means, what they do it's right for them
    Every time I get fixed on what is right or wrong?
    Forget, I can only control myself, all along
    Forget, I have to care for myself, all along

    hope I change & realise I can only do so much
    With no expectations from others too much
    hard to understand, difficult to swallow
    how world works sometimes
    but, I continue to live and aspire , on very bad day
    there is some beautiful moments of learning and experience
    to treasure like pearls , filling my chest of wisdom , making me wiser as days pass by