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    When the tenderness of the dark haunts you every night , you just look at the clock , count the hours to pass to survive. It's the horrific feeling you've got, when every night feels like the last. Everything around you gets unpredictable. Watching everyone depart from your life, makes it even worse knowing that you ain't got anybody for help. You cry every night begging for help but you won't let anyone know about your trauma. 

    You pull up a knife. A rip. A cut through your skin. You bleed. That's something which eases your pain. For a long time you haven't felt alive, but you do now. Seeing the blood oozing through your veins makes you feel happy, that you're still alive. 

    Every night feels like a catastrophe. You cry. You hurt yourself. You bleed. You are in pain. Everything is getting dizzy and blurry. But you are still holding on for dear life, hoping for everything to get better someday. 

    The sun will rise again. 

    Just hold on a little more.

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