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    Its beyond patience now!! Lets start the revolution...rape is no more a topic to be discussed! Hang the demons!! Justice that little innocent girl!!

    """Hii everyone!..
    Iam very happy here..but suffered alot to come to this place...there are many good souls taking care of me..
    Mom..don't cry...even i miss u alot...
    Mom...i don't know what happened with me...it was a terrific pain i had!...2 uncles took me to a temple and i was happy to see the God whom you trusted and worshipped!! But...soon they pushed me...they tore my dress!! I looked at God..i could observe tears in his eyes which i felt was guilt he had for creating those bad uncles! I didn't know what to do mom...i cried..i pleaded...i tried to escape...but cudn't..i needed help mom!!..i missed u....
    You always said 'truth wins over lies'!...'justice is always guranteed'!! Will i get my justice mom?? Why am i far away from you?? Was my 8 year body soo important to them?? I was like their daughter mom!!please don't think of another girl child ma...i don't want my sister to go through what i went!! If you get time Plzz ask my simple question to all mom...WHAT WAS MY MISTAKE???""""

    Suffered asifa....

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    A MOTHER called doctor " i want to abort my kid since its a girl "
    Doctor shouted " its illegal...girls are godgifts!...educate them "
    She replied " i want to get aborted not because of financial crisis...
    But to save her from RAPE ".....