• spokenthrough 15w


    I see the icy degree your eyes see.
    But mine, see!?
    I see from a plain at-most-sphere in the highest layer of the atmosphere.
    So its plain to see I vibrate at a slightly higher vibe rate.
    Try to add venture to your adventure. You could invent your purpose as you do.
    Live life whimsical, Imma do things on whim is it cool?
    I've realized A is opposite to e. And for real I is a backwards spoken o..
    U if heard reversed we would sometimes hear y. But that's only if you are on point like a v..Now you are all grown up like W X Y Z.
    The illusion seen with real eyes are real lies.
    It don't take recon eyes to recognize that my awareness is frome the eye of a Deity through the entities of the meant to be possibility of infinity in eternity.
    Now, its your to turn to see.