• _firefly 27w

    A Poet after sunset is a lost Lover.

    I am watching the painted sky depicting tranquil beauty in the shades of golden and lilac. The saffron sun is submerged deeply into the running ocean behind the skyline. Melancholy residing in my eyes, flows out as stars, that decorate the dusk, wrapping it beneath the thick scent of casa blanca lilies, blooming under the moonlight.

    I stand against the wind caressing my crimson cheeks with gentle metaphors embodied in the high palm trees. Your name I wrote on the sand washes away as the waves hit my frail feet, again and again, reminding me of all the hollow promises of always that you made. It leaves me empty with nothing but tears in my eyes and pain in my heart.

    Two things are eating my soul, this full moon night and your absence. I write nightime poems, describing your beauty and how the moon sang rhymes for it. Broken stars do not fulfill my wishes anymore because if they did, you'd be lying here, next to me, curled up in my yearning arms. Darkness of the midnight blue, runs in my veins, robbing me of all the happy moments we shared.

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories hidden in your heart, behind the veil of your love for her. And you are my most beautiful daydream, with those pastel clouds and candy pink skies. And we, are my only fragmented forever and its pieces still lie in my incomplete proses, longing to be concluded.


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    Yes a prose after a long time.

    Will see you again soon. Near Christmas. Take care everyone ��

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