• _juvto 44w

    You didn't expect it to take this long, and that disappoints you.
    You thought by now you should have made twice your profit, started multi-channels, expanded, hit your target or gotten over him.
    This isn't exactly how you wanted it to happen, and sometimes you just want to give up.
    You're thinking; maybe this isn't my thing after all, maybe I was wrong, maybe I shouldn't have started.
    But hey ❤
    I don't know why it's taking this long, but here's what I know.
    Plant a flower and a tree at the same time, and check back a short while later.
    The flower is fully grown, blooming and beautiful while the tree is still in the root stage.
    When they're both fully grown, the slightest misstep or harsh weather will uproot the flower effortlessly. But the tree? It becomes tall, large, strong and unshakable.
    The first to arrive isn't always the best.
    Do not stop.