• noreenrborooah 36w

    I feel it has become such a trend to follow cool and famous people online that we've forgotten to follow what's real.
    Don't mind me but I was just wondering if you ever followed someone on internet saying "Oh my God, I love their work, I love their content, I love there efforts, I love how real they are, etc."
    But what we rather say is "Oh my God look he/she is so handsome, beautiful, good looking. I love them, they are so cute, they look so good,etc."
    But in this real world I assume nothing is going to happen or change if someone looks good.
    You can contradict me if you want. But tell me one person who's changed your life by the fact that they are beautiful.
    It's simple for me don't mind all the BTS/k-pop/k-drama/anime(every obsessed fan that exists, not to be specific) fans but tell me one instance in how and what great lesson you've learned being a "Fan". Don't get me wrong but you don't learn from what you love or are a fan of. But instead you get blind, you get blind of every good and bad they do. They're perfect for you, and who thinks they aren't must be murdered on the gun point!
    But tell me one thing is it really helping you?
    If 'yes' go ahead. If 'no' then just a gentle reminder to be a observer first. Observe first and then obsess on. Observe they're work, their good and bad, observe their footsteps and then appreciate. Learn from them every single thing you notice. Then if you feel you love them as a person go ahead obsess on them.
    Because there are people who do more than what they do for you, and these people are just around you they are unnoticed because they're just not considered beautiful. They're work and efforts bring the real good change in your life and we just don't care about them. So, the next time you follow someone or share a picture of your idols just think ones how is it helping you and what do you learn from them and then, go ahead!
    Just remember to appreciate work and real efforts before beauty and fame.