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    Loser = not afraid of trying

    Life is so unpredictable, every day is a surprise, every moment is a gift. We never know when it comes to a still so it's better to live now or you don't know when. At least once in this life, we've got into that grounding circumstance, neither able to complain nor demand anything just stuck. The only thought that triggers is better quit and leave. But what if you believe you can go through it you get another chance.
    Failures in academic, Pain in relationship, unhappy family, loosing friendship all these affect us Physically, mentally and socially. But are these struggles making you a "Loser" or these unsuccessful thoughts you create yourself ruining your peace. It's time we all steal an hour for ourselves and meditate and talk to our very own heart.

    Man is the most intelligent of all creation. He is brave, sense emotions, create ideas, try over failures and keep hustling in the path of happiness. But why does one among our best friends quit his/her life. One among every five people you meet is loosing his life and feels abandoned. What is that we can do? Just talk.
    Life is a tough question paper to solve, and never hope all questions you've studied comes. Also it ain't that easy to score 100%. Every one may face same questions, though differently because everybody's perspective is different. There comes situation when we alone has to face and decide from all the choices. It isn't easy to be stable in life. All you need is to know yourself better.

    Who is the first person you believe you can trust? I think it's you yourself if you know who you are. It's sarcastic but it's TRUE. When you know your strength and weakness doesn't mean you know yourself. If you've haven't realized your TRUE character then take some time for it, meditate and talk to yourself. Think about your life in the next 5 years, If you can see yourself stable at a place then you're OK for the time being or else you need to struggle a little harder and wait little longer.It takes time to heal what you cannot reveal. You've to be transparent, never wear a mask and talk to the world, your lying to your own. Be live and reveal who you are, either a loser or a lier. If you want to inspire people with your stories you need to be you.

    You don't become a Loser when you quit. Because quitting means you're afraid to try again. So a loser is one who is not afraid of trying. It is said that Edison failed a thousand time until he found light. And he has marked his name in the history of the world because he was a loser once . What is the first impression you get seeing the word loser. Total failure of life. Maybe but who is a loser, it is he who is not afraid of trying. "You only get stronger when you face struggles and grow through it" . No matter what sucks be ready to face all afflictions. Why do you go to gym and build a physically fit body and focus on diet for a healthy body. And you have no time to feed your mind with some good thoughts and stay happy. Mind need more attention than your biceps or abs. What we listen everyday through so called medias is to be perfect. Everybody is adding filters to their real beautiful life and faking so that people believe they are happy. And what does the viewer learn from all these stories is, imperfection is a fault. We have all lost the space with each other, texting emojies don't really convey the sheer emotions, to know what the other person is feeling you should talk lively. Ask him if he is in trouble or need help. Be that one person who is trustable.

    What I think of my life and purpose is what I believe. So never incline to the judgements of people around, who never knew what is going personally within you. Don't condemn yourself for false interpretation and suggestions of the world, you might fail a thousand time but keep trying because life is unpredictable and you don't know when you are going to be that lucky person. Believe in your disabilities and imperfections. "Imperfection is not a fault". It's just okeyy to be not Okey. Everybody has a different perspective and so do you. Never harass someone's feeling because you've experienced it once, it might be different and more harsh for him for he is another person on earth. Every story you've read is not the same for all.

    Be a loser and be happy for what you are. There are still a lot of them out there, trying to get life on their foot, so never curse your bad lucks it's just an experience for you to learn and be more stronger. If you're losing believe you are trying harder and on the way to your dreams. Success never brings happiness unless and untill you're happy with you and your ecosystem. Happiness within you is what makes you successful. So a loser is one who is not afraid of trying.


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    Imperfection is not a fault