• fletch 44w

    Darkness surrounds me to cheat my feet from the dreams I wish to reach

    So I use words as ammo to teach what the heart must preach

    I lassle me up a rope of hope gathering words from a dictionary

    And I blast them off the stung tongue like a visionary

    Whimsically weaving the alphabet believing there's a cure for the faint and ill

    Paving the way for the light of a new day to paint is my will

    To embark on a quest and overcome the dark is where I stand

    My stance granted by stroke of chance where I wish love to expand

    To fill our needs by planting seeds and rising above impurities

    In an attempt to destroy the ploy of our fear and insecurities

    For us to become the proof of the truth rising like towers

    And for all to be free to see and find our hidden true powers