• mahveen_rashid 111w

    The pic itself speaks a lot
    "It has become a daily routine now,
    We have nothing but truth, we all seek light only from lord "
    Heart wrenching!

    Oh Almighty Allah have a mercy on the people of kashmir! !

    //Bi mouj kasheer henz chas, mai manji hend peath cham nadamat
    Weni kya panen zaar, gasaan cham mai douhai qayamat //

    //I'm from the motherland kashmir and I'm also a mother. I have heart inside me and I also have compassion for my innocents,
    What can I say, I'm going through the hour every day in my oppression //

    Oh my son! Your mothers lap is waiting
    Come my bosom and calm my heart now
    You was the support of my oldage
    Whome will I call my apple of eye
    You break the hail strom in full sunny day
    Oh! child like flower, why did you fall asleep the grave so soon
    Innocent flower lost its petals so quickly
    And finally the lush green has lost its greeny

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    Manji henz Koch chai paraan
    Haaw gobur yetam veni, jigar mai sehlaav

    Bujruk oosaaham chei suhaar
    Naad kas layi veni mani gulaab

    Dooudth (hail strom) nub e nanis sunuth
    Kyxi nundi baanay routith aandimaazaar

    Aadei phoul poosh bar goov
    Doudwanas roov aaz bahaar