• lostpen27 61w


    What are we?
    A human Or a demon?
    Or demon disguise in human.
    It's pretty much confusing.

    Do we deserve to be one?
    A question arises
    As an answer surprises
    "We're human being".

    Huh !! What !! human being??
    Isn't that ironic?
    Creator might be in chronic
    For seeing his creation this way

    Many examples we see
    From own kind we are not safe
    Isn't this a chafe?
    Listening things about US

    Yes! Human are demon in disguise
    Proof we see here
    They raped and burnt her
    Her ashes cries again

    Are we humans?
    I question this to me again.
    Those Cries will go in vain
    All we need to be is human enough

    Please don't cry
    But try to be human enough
    It is not that tough
    Lastly try to be" Human enough "..