• biha_soundarya 9w

    DEAR ME,
    Isn't it weird what we went through.
    We made it at some point!
    Look at us! I'm so proud of US.
    We Know that hurt, that abuse, that trauma, that spiralling emotions we go through daily was such a handful.
    WE KNOW many days we refuses to wake up!
    But guess what?! We did wake up!!
    We did it!
    We KNOW that endless time at night when we sleep,
    when our body jolts in pain, way too many times.
    Where our body keep reminding our subconscious pain
    over and over again.
    We KNOW many times we wanted to dissappear.
    We KNOW we wanted to just END it.
    Near the balcony, on the open road, at the sea,that sharp knife slashing our wrists...,
    We just wanted to let go. Because its just too tiring.
    We were angry, infact we still are!
    We were dissapointed!
    We just wanted to vanish in thin air!
    But DEAR ME,
    We will be OK
    We will continue to grow gracefully
    We will continue to be kind to US
    We will continue to face the world and fight
    We will change the world
    We will get better
    We will fight together
    We will end this year with a blast
    We will hold our hands together and walk into 2022
    We have US
    We WILL

    **She will be ok, She will and will walk out of 2021 with grace and walk in 2022 with high hopes and faith**

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