• hafeezhmha 63w

    I was Overthinking. Just a bit.

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    10:30 pm

    No matter how many songs my friends send me, i still continue to listen to the same old playlist that i created few months ago. A taste in Music is subjective, I think one should never force someone else to enjoy the music that they do. There are some songs you'll never like and there are others you'll be consuming like a drug addict. Some songs are etched deep on the walls of your ephemeral and subliminal memories and no matter how much you listen to them, they will always continue to stimulate your senses with their magic and they'll never get too old for you. Hold on to those songs, to those beats that made your heart pulsate a little bit faster. Hold on to them.

    Sky. The best part about the night is the Starry sky. When would you find a sky ornamented with some strange sparkling, twinkling pearls?
    Perhaps, they are more than just balls of gases decorating the azure. I, personally, romanticize stars a lot and i believe we should also romanticize our lives. Romanticize every little action, whether its sitting in an empty bus and observing the sky or just going for a walk deep into the uncharted woods. Romanticize what you explore.

    12:45 am

    Ah! My phone battery was already low. Maybe I'll just put it away now, it's time for some insomniac introspection. With the hymns of solitude playing in my room, I now cherish my semi-nihilistic thoughts that transcend the barrier of twilight. Existential crisis for having existential crisis. What is existence anyway? How do you know i even exist? Maybe this is just an AI trying to be human? Would i exist if you hadn't perceived me?

    2:32 am

    Thoughts are akin to fickle branches that continue to grow and dwell into nothingness. Just like how life sequels into infinite uncertainties and possibilities.

    I'm just a weak human, waiting for all this fog to sway into oblivion, so that i can preserve my denuded sanity. I am caged inside myself. Inside my own body. What a tragedy it is that i can no longer relive certain experiences. What a tragedy it is that i cannot merge myself with someone else or with the universe. Inevitably, my transient existence will come to a perennial conclusion and maybe that will be the end of the beginning?

    5:05 am

    Would i be sad if i was immortal? Tragedy is construed as a consequence of time and Death is construed as the edifice of life. I just let my biology determine my life and all it whispered to me was : Life is Infinite.
    Homosapiens are pretty adaptive creatures and other animals are just biologically hardwired. Do you still believe you have free will? Do you?

    Also Isn't it strange how only people who die receive beautiful bouquets of flowers and those who are alive usually don't?

    If i die, where will you find me? I wouldn't have carried anything with me. So my belongings shall remain here along with my name. You will remember the memories we made and the interactions we had. They say: Souls don't die. So even if my body perishes, a part of my consciousness will continue to reside here, betwixt these words. A writer doesn't die. His consciousness lives and breathes through his words and that's how he will be remembered. So all you have to do is visit the words in order to find me and the last embers of my consciousness. That's one door towards immortality.

    And where shall my other part of departed consciousness go? Well, it's all about faith. Maybe, it goes to another different dimension? Why can't we perceive it?
    Maybe, unless it affects our dimension, we won't be able to see it, At the end of the day, Dimensions are just human spatial perceptions.

    7:18 am

    Its a long way towards the end. So for now, I will slide the curtains and let the gentle sunlight breeze in to my room. It's finally morning, the birds are serenading their warbles, its just another normal day on earth. What a time to be alive!