• noreenrborooah 30w

    Remembered those golden days that seemed to have been always having a special place in my heart.
    Remembered those shills of laughter that echoed all around.
    Remembered the promises made the oaths taken.
    Remembered those dancing butterflies on your tummy.
    Remembered those dazing eyes that said all in light.
    Remembered those jolly days that made a special place in my heart.
    There's no slight of change but a border that's build
    Because you care only until you're needed to smile
    You cry and curb and you're no more in need.

    Truest is the one who lives in and out
    And not just around
    Truest you owe you could be until
    You see us fall
    You owe nothing
    And neither do I

    Let it just begin
    The past is gone and nothing in
    Silenced soul is the only answer you live with
    Let the bygones be bygones in
    And I'd then learn to live.

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    Dear me,