• hafeezhmha 28w

    On a midsummer afternoon i heard the frantic and boisterous melody of time probing through the impervious pockets of space. My soul was perched with hundreds of arrows and my body was drenched in blood. There was a brutal yet tantalizing pain in losing what was never mine.

    ..Death asked me to leave but i refused.

    I refused to walk away from my own funeral. My body remained on the floor, breathless, shed and disparate, like a chimerical skin of a serpent. No consolation, no assurance could quench my thirst. After all, waging a war against the world was easier than waging a war against my 'self'. There was melancholy in my eyes and a multitude of despair in my mind.

    Every evening i sat near the lake throwing pebbles into water and keenly observing them sink and kiss the limestone floor. The half-cooked rice was cold, The desserts in the fridge were glaciating. Time was ticking but i was still waiting.

    Waiting to see an expression on a blank face, Waiting for this nagging feeling of despair to disappear,
    Waiting for the demons to plunge in and dissect my heart,
    Waiting for the universe to devour me again into its mysterious and obscure patterns.

    On that midsummer afternoon i received my fair share of misery encapsulated in a bitter chocolate bar wrapped in a yellow sachet and I ate it with both my hands cuffed. That afternoon, I could see the wavelength of blue light changing to red as the sky was receding. Suddenly there was a glitch in the matrix and i was back to start, all over again.


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    ...and i
    was back
    to start,
    all over