• allbymyself 7w

    All you are is a story
    Clutched in the palm of your hand
    Seashells by the ocean
    Slipping golden through the sand

    All you are is poetry
    That isn't easy to say
    You wait by the window sill
    While your soul walks away

    All you are is whispers
    Shadows beneath the skies
    The coming of the winter
    And the tellers of the lies

    All you are is song
    Stitched through your skin
    The voices they get louder
    I can't hear through the din

    All you are is memory
    Floating through flesh and dust
    Fingers scything through the sunlight
    Before they are left to rust

    All I do is put out
    The fires that you set
    With a wild in your eyes
    The wild that I covet

    - Avitaj

    Hello, I guess.

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    The Fires You Set

    Is it just me, Am I seeing things?
    Or does the way we breathe make perfect sense?
    I could start fires with what I feel for you
    The sun could fade out and we'd see it through

    - Fires, David Ramirez