• mariyamsumana 95w

    It was mostly unhappy than happy
    But that seems to be the only time I ever fell in love.
    The definition that I had on my mind about love was very precise but only with you.
    I'm having difficulties in comprehending what it truly means,
    Because, todays it is about the skin than soul.
    It isn't anything what I felt for you.
    The love with you?
    It was soulful, it was divine!
    It was the souls that had met before our bodies
    And yet I was in love.
    The only love that I still think about.
    You've set a new high to the name of love,
    I only wonder if there's anyone to reach that high and
    Make me fall in love again.
    Because, todays romantic isn't about stealing glances and smiling to blush,
    It is about the kisses and the touch!