• kymberlove1 22w

    Place me in the middle of your thoughts
    and only dream of me.
    My lover, it's a spell, I got you; caught in a web
    you're stuck like glue because I want you.

    Lick me up and down, all around like your sucking a lollypop. Make me smile.
    Yeah I like that, image me on top and riding that mandingo and getting juicy wet.

    Riding you till the sun sets and wanting you more.
    Come here touch all over my body, ummm yes
    let me grab him and insert him more.

    Ummm feels so damn good, I'm in heaven.
    Baby hold on don't let go, this a real kinda love, let it flow.

    Lick me all over, Mr. Lick me low lover.
    Make me scream, and call you daddy.
    Bend me over and spread me wide open, lift that big ole booty and stick him in, go deep, get inside of that warm pussy.
    Touch my soul and watch the juices flow.

    Yeah imagine me licking all over you screaming daddy give me more.

    By: Kimberly Corley
    Nov. 2020

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