• rodney 8w

    21st February, 2021.
    6:59 p.m.

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    Ballad of spring,
    gone to gray.

    I must've been sad,
    I know, I must've—

    I grew a rose,
    I raised it to die again.

    I felt it curl,
    I felt it all fall,
    One by one.

    Petals that bloomed,
    Petals that started with yellow,
    Turned to pink.

    I let go, before you pierced my heart.

    I let go of your thorns and thistles too.

    But somehow and some way,
    It reminds me of my life.

    Like the force that is applied on a body,
    Like the river that dries up in spite of running steady,

    I was squeezed by my soul to dry my body.

    I'm gone like the river,
    Perished like the flower—

    All in one,

    None at all.

    For you or for anybody at all.