• peanutbutterfish 59w


    My heart sits deeper as it sinks in my stomach. My throat feels tight and my eyes are starting to burn. Trying to hold all this in when im bout to combust from..... Everything.
    I can't help but let out a sob here and there even though i havent shed a single tear yet. My eyes fill uo like the dam is a about to over fi fill. And then I swallow it back down.
    Pull the blade right from my back and lick the knife, so much betrayal so much pain from the way life's dug it further into my flesh. My cheeks start to tighten and my forehead starts to scowl, my lips almost puckering and I can't stop shaking my leg the chaos within . and from here on out im going to be blessed. Lord hasth granted mercy on our souls and restored what weve lost so long ago. Hope, faith Grace leave blessings fortune, love, and.... Mercy