• unhinderedwriter 66w

    Snatched Career Choices

    On the threshold of decisions we students stand,
    In a jiffy uninvited advisors arrive: 
    The parents, the teachers, the institute and the public.
    With the horns of advices on,
    They run off at the mouth about all the career hints. 
    "A Doctor, an Engineer, a Lawyer, a Banker…"
    "You should pursue This, you should pursue That" 
    All the samples of advice we get. 
    But do we really need them? 
    "No! Not at all" 
    A generation of us would say.
    We know what we need,
    Give us our snatched career dices
    It's now for the real aspirants to lead.

    Each of us is unique
    Not all are born to follow the beaten tracks
    Those tracks yield no fulfillment for many
    Instead a brutal exploitation of time and energy.
    We the passionate beings,
    Passion is what we strive and seek.
    Money making or degree - not an aim,
    It's all surrendered to the love of just engaging.
    Be we writers, photographers, artists, musicians, comedians or sportsmen and earn a little,
    Still a joyous spark won't fade from our visage.
    What else is life all about, if it's not about bliss?
    Give us our snatched career dices,
    It's now for the real aspirants to lead.